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We provide advice and strategy  based on analyses and interpretations of data.  Clients include private industry, law firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies from around the world.  Our experience is strongest in Environmental Statistics and decision analysis, where our principals have completed over 300 projects in the last 15 years.

Read the short case study Taking risks, Reaping the Benefits for an example of our work.  See the Qualifications pages for more information.

If you are searching for environmental investigation or remediation services, take a look at the X-Interchange site.  The company is well established and top-notch.

Our colleagues at AMO Environmental Decisions have been doing good work in earth and environmental resource management for an impressive list of clients, especially in the Northeastern US.

This site includes two "sub-webs" based on graduate-level courses we have developed and taught.  The Environmental Statistics web is an introduction to the concepts and definitions--it is not a "cookbook"--, but also includes valuable software and data available nowhere else.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a critically important technology in our work.  This web includes articles, presentations, tutorials, and free software used in a one-semester introductory GIS course.

We develop ArcView-based GIS software by request.  If you have a task that you think ArcView cannot do, or if you are losing time or money performing repetitive tasks, drop us a line.  We usually have a quick, inexpensive solution.  We have helped over 2,000 people with ArcView needs since 1995

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XSect displays vertical profiles of point data.  This lets you look at your data "from the side" to show how values vary with depth or elevation along transects.

Applications exist in environmental sampling, mining, archeology, surveying, geology, and many other fields.

See our Software catalog for more information or click on the image to go directly to the XSect description.  The extensively illustrated user manual is free for download or browsing.

Caveat lector

Interested in keeping current with the GIS industry?  There are plenty of on-line sources of information, but if you peek beneath most of them, you will find nothing but uncritical re-publication of "location-based" marketjunk.  However, two sites, both with free weekly online newsletters, are especially useful and valuable.

-- Adena Schutzberg writes accurate, pithy, and timely commentary for GISMonitor.  See http://gismonitor.com/ for more information.

-- Joe Francica edits Directions Magazine, which publishes original articles, columns, maps, and software.  Visit http://www.directionsmag.com

(If you believe you have found an online newsletter of equal or better caliber, please contact us at the address below and let us know about it!)

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We post major changes in chronological order on our News pages--if you are a returning visitor, check there for information on updates and changes.  Other topics of timely interest also appear on this home page.

Many articles and presentations about environmental data analysis and GIS are available through the Articles link.

We have upgraded the References section to include brief reviews of the recommended books.  Check it out!


Our GIS Course "How to" pages have appeared in the "Top Ten" links at TenLinks.com, a directory for engineers, designers, GIS professionals, architects and other technical professionals.
Our Sample extension for ArcView GIS 3.2 was awarded second place in the ESRI 2000 Users Conference "Best Avenue Utility" competition.  This software is in use throughout the world for creating arrays of regions ("grids," but in vector format), for designing sampling plans, and much more.
There used to be a nice illustration of our Reproject Grids extension for ArcView on ESRI's ArcScripts Sample Spotlights page.  Now that it's gone, click on the image at left for a larger view and link to the ArcScripts page for more information.
The Directions Magazine "list of lists" provides searchable access to all the major GIS-related online discussion lists and their archives.   This is a unique and exceptional resource for answers to GIS-related questions.

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